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World After Coronavirus - We Need to Change for Good

WorWorld after Coronavirus

The world is transforming the ways of living and is drifting away from the old methods of survival. Thanks to the demand of the new ecosystem created by Coronavirus. The contemporary world has gifted us with a lot of challenges, and we have been struggling to overcome them. This battle with the survival challenges made us extremely busy, until recently, before we were house arrested by the virus. We almost forgot to live happily and ran in the rat race for the persistence of our earnings and the living statuses. The global pandemic disrupted this race and transmuted the story completely. It also brought a mandate for rectification before the worst happens.

Hope - We Learn from Our Mistakes

Whenever there is darkness, there is a light and whenever there is sorrow or disappointment, there is Hope! As human beings, we learn from our mistakes and correct ourselves for the betterment of society.

Hope is always better than disappointment. Therefore, we should be hopeful that all is not lost, yet! The universe is still giving us an opportunity to re-think and revive. These opportunities have come to us in the form of lockdowns. These lockdowns are forcing us to stay at home and instructed us to focus back on the tasks that we left behind due to our busy lives. This is time for us to unlearn old busy ways and learn new fresh ways of living that we will carry post Coronavirus. This learning should bring back focus on ourselves, daily prayers, hobbies, upgrading skills, mindfulness, social work, etc.

We have two choices; Either be fearful, keep adding to our fears (I call it a self-destruction mode), or increase our faith in the Creator / God / Universe. If we choose the latter, we should believe and accept that this ought to happen for course correction.

Opportunity to Rebuild Relationships

Just before the deadly virus jolt began, it was difficult to spend quality time with the family. The tough life also pulled us away from our friends and relatives. Our laptops, smartphones, and messaging apps hacked their timeshare. Social media further added to it and many of our relatives and friends squeezed into the little apps of our mobiles. Though these apps are helping us to stay connected unsocially in troubled times. If you contemplate, we are at a forced stage of life, where we are not allowed to meet anyone for a very long time.

If we ponder this thought further, nature has made its first attempt to pull away from something significant. Therefore, it's time for us to reconsider our valuables. It's time to be aware of what we need and what we don't. We have chased money and lifestyles for a very long time, but it seems that the Creator has now decided to teach us a lesson through Coronavirus. While all the messages from the health care experts suggest we go unsocial but I believe it is nature’s reprimand to make us realize that our actions are wrong.

Hence, I have started restoring my relationships that I lost over the years and I urge that we should all do this. Because, if we don’t, we may lose this opportunity forever.

Economic Crisis - Sharing is happiness

There are two ways to look at the current economic situation. First, to look at it as an economic crisis or second, to accept that the Creator is reducing the gap between rich and poor. I have accepted that the Creator is correcting the world and wants all of us to share our earning.

It's the time when we should start investing more time in philanthropy and accept responsibilities towards our world. We must learn to avoid extravagance and start using money wisely in real investment called ‘help’!

We should accept this as a revived way of living and believe that we are surviving in this world to help each other, in extraordinary situations like Coronavirus.
Commitments for the New World

So, let's commit to ourselves that we will change drastically, to preserve the life awarded to us by Coronavirus. Few years down the line, we will realize that this pandemic took a lot away from us but left behind a whole new beautiful world.

Commitments for the new World:

- I will pray every day for at least 5 minutes and express my gratitude. I will Thank God, for everything that he gave me. (If you don’t believe in God; I will meditate and let my body and soul get relaxed. I will always have gratitude and compassion)

- I will be fearless and hopeful, as Hope is bigger than my fear

- I will exercise for 10-15 min regularly to stay fit. I will express my gratitude to the universe for the perfect health

- I will pick my hobbies again that I left due to my busy work schedules and will do anything that connects me to my soul. I will sing, dance, write, or anything else. I will start now!

- I will stay connected with my parents (if you live away from them). I will ensure to spend more time with them (if you live with them). I will sit, meditate and send my love to them every day if they are in heaven

- I will talk to my husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend every day ignoring my phone and laptop. I will try to understand what he/she goes through every day, to take care of me and my family.

- I will play with my children every day. I will just focus on playing and not what’s happening with my work while I am playing

- I will eat meals with my family, to spend beautiful moments of togetherness

- I will talk to my friends, my distant or near relatives at least once a week

- If I consider myself rich, I will share whatever I can. If I am not rich yet, I will try to help the world in my capacity


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