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Easy Practices to Attain Peace in Fast Life (Published on HubPages)

Life can be overwhelming. But there are practices to live peacefully. I have learnt these practices and believe that they are worth sharing. Read Full Post on HubPages


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Story Begins Wow, what a wonderful night this is? I ‘Aditya Seth’, a Software Engineer working in one of the best software organizations, has got one of the best lives among so many people in India, a good salary, and perfect family. My Friends call me a software genius and so does my company think about me. I think my life has given me all and I am just more than satisfied. But the only thing that hurts me is a feeling that we are not doing fair to humanity. We all have developed different castes, religions, etc. If I get an opportunity, I will really want to remove these differences, as much as I can. Well! That’s a thought. Keeping that aside, I want to live and enjoy my satisfaction tonight, at least the satisfaction of my success in life. I think beer in a pub would suffice my enjoyment. In the pub, the coolest beer makes me feel that it’s the best night ever at 11:00 pm 31 August 2020. Not many people in the pub make it just the best place for me to enjoy my satisfacti

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