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How to Earn Extra Money? The “Money Game Plan”

An article to help you earn Extra Money

We all work hard and smart to earn more and more money.  Do we earn it in surplus, so that we are contented?  For most of us, the answer is ‘No’ and the question is, ‘how to earn extra money?’

I have done certification in Investment Administration Qualification from the Securities & Investment Institute – UK.  Hence, I have learned about various investment options.  I feel that I plan to save through different investment options but I just keep planning and don’t implement anything.  So I decided to design a game that will make me proactive to earn extra money. 

Don’t worry, it is not one of those scam formats that claim to double or triple the money in a few months. 

I thought to share this game plan with you all, as I think everyone is on the hunt for a plan that should make extra money.  Please note that it is always better to understand the game completely before playing it.  This is the game of money, so it is more important to understand the risk profiles.  The game offers you complete flexibility to choose the underlying investment options.  However, the risk is yours, as the money is yours.  Therefore, start playing the game, if you are extremely confident about it.

The game will make you earn more money with a simple playing approach.  You must have heard the quote ‘Money saved is money earned’.  Well said! But do we implement this in our lives?  I am sure the answer for most of us is ‘No’.

The game that I am going to talk about is about earning through savings, but this is not one of those boring straight forward savings techniques.  This is an interesting mind technique that will make you play and earn.

The game is called ‘MONEY WINS’. 

The Game rules:-

1. The game requires at least 2 players

2. These 2 (or more) players are earning members of the family

3. Achievement target is set by the players

4. Maximum Time to play the game is defined by the players.

Game Description:-

In this game, the earning members (two or more) of the family will be allowed to play the game.  The players will decide an amount that each player will save every month.  They then set a defined period for which the game is played.  In this period they save and invest the amount, using any investment option, every month.  The motive of investment is high returns and to become a winner.  The players check their portfolios every week to ensure their investments are yielding good results. 

The players further check the final valuation of their portfolios at the end of the defined period.  Then the total profit on the investments is calculated on the percentage (%) basis.  The player who makes a high % profit is declared the champion of the ‘Money Wins’.   Once, the winner is declared, the losing player hands over the saved money to the winner, to manage it further.

The money won from the game is kept in a different pool and the champion manages it separately in the future. 

After the first season, the game continues with the commencement of the second season.  The game restarts with a new amount of allocation and newly defined timelines.  After the second season is over, the winner is handed over the whole amount from the first and second season, for managing.  This way the game is played until the players decide to stop it.

I am sure one question is coming to your mind ‘What if there is only one earning member in the family? No problems; play the game with your friends.  The only difference will be in the award of the winner.  The winner can be satisfied with any good reward and this competition can go for years.           

The game provides you with the flexibility of saving through any of the following options:-



Mutual Funds

Fixed Deposits

Gold etc

Please make sure to play this game with the help of your Financial Advisers.  Your financial adviser will help you to invest in the schemes according to your risk profile and winning goals.           

Always keep in mind, ‘Past results of many investment options are not an indicator of future returns’.  So I strictly recommend you to take the help of your financial adviser to become a champion of the ‘Money Wins’.

This game plan works astonishingly and includes all the required techniques as following:-

It sets a goal for you to achieve the desired amount

It helps you in saving through different investment options

The spirit of competition makes you track the money properly

The game plan makes you proactive towards the savings

It lets you save for yourself, your children, and your retirement

If you play ‘Money Wins’ you will definitely realize its value after the years are gone.  You will see all your saving goals met and a lot of money in hand, for the retirement and children's needs.  And then you will be satisfied and contended with a question in mind, how to spend this extra money?


  1. How to earn extra money Wow, cool post. I'd like to write like this too - taking time and real hard work to make a great article... but I put things off too much and never seem to get started. Thanks though.


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