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How to prevent a breakup of your love relationship?

This article is advice for couples to prevent a breakup.

The breakup of a love relationship is a very common issue nowadays.  Many of us might have gone through the breakup and suffered the pain.  There could be many reasons for a breakup.  Sometimes one partner in a relationship intentionally decides to end the relationship and sometimes this happens mutually.   When the relationship ends because of one partner’s verdict, it hurts the other partner.  The recognized fact is that a breakup causes a lot of stress and sorrow for the people who go through it.  Breakup either did mutually or done by one partner definitely causes difficulties for either both or at least one partner.        

Through this article, I wish to take an opportunity to help the people in saving their relationships, before they try breaking it up.   I believe that life is really short, we encounter people, we become friends we start loving them, and get too involved.  Then we take our relationship to the next level by making our bodies and soul meet each other, and we think that we are made for each other.  Even so, suddenly we start feeling bounded, bored, and stressed by each other.  This is the time when we think that we should move on to start a new life.    

In my opinion, life is really short and in this life, we meet people for a brief span; Then, Why do we leave them? 

When we quit a relationship, we probably leave our partners in great sorrow, just for our relief and benefit.   If we think about it seriously, we may find the meaning in the relationship.

If we meet a person for the first time and like that person, our body and soul develops a virtual relationship with that person.   Once the relationship is developed, we think that we should start speaking to that person, and then we think that it is fine to be in a relationship with him/her.  When it starts, we try to know more about the other person and after some time we start thinking that he/she is not the right match for us.  This is the time when we decide to leave that person.  I want to ask a question to each one of you, who has left one relationship for others?  Have you got everything, from the second relation?  I think that most of the answers would be ‘No’.

I am not trying to convey that one should not quit the relationship.  If your partner is causing trouble to you, you definitely have a right to quit.  However, you must try to make things work before quitting.    

I believe that we should try our best to know our partners well so that we can try changing ourselves according to our relationship needs.  Below are a few short and simple tips to try to make things better.  Please note that these tips should be followed considering all aspects of your relationship, and it is possible that these tips may not deem fit for a particular relationship problem:

Spend Time with Your Partner

This is one of the most important tips that one should follow to resolve relationship matters.   We all are human beings and most of us try to run from our problems rather than resolving them.  I really don’t think that running from our relationship problems is a good idea.  Alternatively, I suggest that we should start spending more time with our partners.  When we are in a problem, we should try to be in an agreement with our partners for a few days to avoid arguments and should analyze what exactly our partner wants in us.  I know that we sometimes think that why can’t our partner take this initiative.  This is absolutely wrong thinking.   One has to take an initiative, then why can’t it be us? 

For analysis, we should sit back alone and write down the points.  We should think that what can be changed and what are the things that can’t be changed, and these need to be discussed with the partners.   We should not be really strong on our points; rather we should be flexible to think about what we can do to make things better in our relationship.  A good idea will be going out for a holiday with our partners and speaking to each other with calm minds. We should convince our partners to listen to us patiently before reacting.   We should put our points across to create a win-win situation for us and our partners.  Further to the discussion, we should try to conclude things by speaking explicitly about what all has been decided and what will be followed as ground rules of the relationship.  

Maintain Breathing Space in the Relationship

One important thing that we should consider while trying to save our relationship is creating breathing space in the relationship.  By breathing space, I mean we should allow our partners to live in their personal spaces.  I understand we all want attention from our partners but the fact is that our partners have their personal domain also.  Everyone has his / her own sphere and every person likes to live in that space, when upset.  So, once you have discussed issues with your partners, give some space to them to think.   Giving them space will allow them to think about the points that you have offered to make things work. 

Be Patient 

It’s very important to be patient in a relationship.   We all want a result overnight but this doesn’t happen in practical life.  It’s a known fact that one has to work hard to achieve success, the same way one has to work hard to make the relationship successful.  If we really wish to make our relationship work, we should not try for quick resolutions.  Rather, we should give time to matters to calm down.  Time is the biggest healer and with time a lot of things improve.

Trust Your Partner

When you have made things to work by spending time, giving space, and being patient, it is the time to trust your partner.  Trusting your partner is the biggest power of a relationship.  Once you build strong trust, your relationship becomes immortal and everlasting. 

Hence, breaking up the relationship is not the only resolution.  Try to make things work with your best efforts before quitting.  We have a short life and in this short life relationship is a gift of God.  So live together happily forever.   


  1. There are ups and downs in relationship. If you want to be with your partner, you have to make effort. Sometime, their is change of mind, or someone feeling off, you can try couples therapy to calm things down and continue being supportive to one another.


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