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What's BrillzLife

Our World is a beautiful gift and there is so much to explore... 
I am Parampreet Singh Arora (Param Arora), writer of this blog Through BrillzLife I am sharing all fabulous and some atrocious personal experiences of my life.

Story of name BrillzLife: It's a bit of an extraordinary name, isn't it? But this name was an incidental choice. Thoughts started with the word 'Brilliance' but thanks to the excessive demand of domains, you can't really find a domain name of your choice and you end up living with the derivatives! Once adopted, it's your child, so I am in love with the name 'BrillzLife'.

Blogging is not my full-time job but I love it by heart. I believe I will be able to write one post a month or maybe more if time allows me. Hope you love my blog and save it to your bookmarks for regular visits!


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This article is advice for couples to prevent a breakup. The breakup of a love relationship is a very common issue nowadays.  Many of us might have gone through the breakup and suffered the pain.  There could be many reasons for a breakup.  Sometimes one partner in a relationship intentionally decides to end the relationship and sometimes this happens mutually.   When the relationship ends because of one partner’s verdict, it hurts the other partner.  The recognized fact is that a breakup causes a lot of stress and sorrow for the people who go through it.  Breakup either did mutually or done by one partner definitely causes difficulties for either both or at least one partner.         Through this article, I wish to take an opportunity to help the people in saving their relationships, before they try breaking it up.   I believe that life is really short, we encounter people, we become friends we start loving them, and get too involved.  Then we take our relationship to the next level b

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An article to help you earn Extra Money We all work hard and smart to earn more and more money.  Do we earn it in surplus, so that we are contented?  For most of us, the answer is ‘No’ and the question is, ‘how to earn extra money?’ I have done certification in Investment Administration Qualification from the Securities & Investment Institute – UK.  Hence, I have learned about various investment options.  I feel that I plan to save through different investment options but I just keep planning and don’t implement anything.  So I decided to design a game that will make me proactive to earn extra money.  Don’t worry, it is not one of those scam formats that claim to double or triple the money in a few months.  I thought to share this game plan with you all, as I think everyone is on the hunt for a plan that should make extra money.  Please note that it is always better to understand the game completely before playing it.  This is the game of money, so it is more important to understan