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Fiction - End of the Earth-This Could Happen in 2020

Story Begins Wow, what a wonderful night this is? I ‘Aditya Seth’, a Software Engineer working in one of the best software organizations, has got one of the best lives among so many people in India, a good salary, and perfect family. My Friends call me a software genius and so does my company think about me. I think my life has given me all and I am just more than satisfied. But the only thing that hurts me is a feeling that we are not doing fair to humanity. We all have developed different castes, religions, etc. If I get an opportunity, I will really want to remove these differences, as much as I can. Well! That’s a thought. Keeping that aside, I want to live and enjoy my satisfaction tonight, at least the satisfaction of my success in life. I think beer in a pub would suffice my enjoyment. In the pub, the coolest beer makes me feel that it’s the best night ever at 11:00 pm 31 August 2020. Not many people in the pub make it just the best place for me to enjoy my satisfacti

World After Coronavirus - We Need to Change for Good

The world is transforming the ways of living and is drifting away from the old methods of survival. Thanks to the demand of the new ecosystem created by Coronavirus. The contemporary world has gifted us with a lot of challenges, and we have been struggling to overcome them. This battle with the survival challenges made us extremely busy, until recently, before we were house arrested by the virus. We almost forgot to live happily and ran in the rat race for the persistence of our earnings and the living statuses. The global pandemic disrupted this race and transmuted the story completely. It also brought a mandate for rectification before the worst happens. Hope - We Learn from Our Mistakes Whenever there is darkness, there is a light and whenever there is sorrow or disappointment, there is Hope! As human beings, we learn from our mistakes and correct ourselves for the betterment of society. Hope is always better than disappointment. Therefore, we should be hopeful that all is no